" Nous sommes riches aussi de nos misères ".
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

After the establishment in 1930 of the assembly and flight tests location in Latécoère and then, the Hourtiquet's hydro base at the end of 30's, real Atlantic's gateway, Biscarrosse was the perfect place to create a SEAPLANE MUSEUM unique in Europe.


 This one traces the history of seaplanes, since the precursors with the strange machines until the most recent in the entire world.


For this, we have collected numerous files, photographic documents, old maps, original editions, flight uniforms, medals, logbooks, personal keepsakes of famous pilots, spared parts, engines, helixes, seaplanes models, decorations, original paintings, posters and advertising documents of the period...

This historical presentation occupies buildings of 850 square metres, some of which are vintage because they were used to accommodate the workers of Hourtiquet's hydrobase.

The seaplanes in "real size" are, today, very rare because of the time and the sea corrosion. Except some aircrafts restored by fans, the saved seaplanes are currently in the museums.

Why not in ours ?

In the large hall of 480 square metres, seaplanes from 1912 to the 80's, restored or in the process of restoration, are exhibited.

Therefore, the Museum wants to preserve this heritage along with the inherent construction techniques in this field.


Musée de l'Hydraviation

332, avenue Louis Breguet

40600 BISCARROSSE, France

T : 05 58 78 00 65


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