A little bit of history

One day... Biscarrosse, small village that nothing designated for an aeronautical destiny, was choses by Pierre-Georges Latécoère to become an assembly and test location of the largest french seaplanes. It was in 1930, the Lake of Biscarrosse saw more than 120 huge seaplanes leave.

They were called "air liners" heading to New-Ork city or Fort-de-France. Among the pilots, there were Mermoz, Guillaumet or Saint-Exupéry. They marked the history of aeronautic. Their exploits went beyond the simple fact of flying, they created the legend.

Today, the Museum reminds us that seaplanes have not completely disappeared even if the famous "air liners" don't have their place anymore on the current airlines. Many seaplanes are still ensuring particular missions like the fight against fires, the coasts monitoring and the sea rescue, the staff transport and the exploration of inaccessible areas. And in the face of the increasing air traffic today, some manufacturers consider the seaplane's return as a goods carrier and even as a spare time vehicle.

The adventure goes on...


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