" J’ai refait tous les calculs. Ils confirment l’opinion des spécialistes : notre idée est irréalisable.
Il ne nous reste plus qu’une chose à faire : la réaliser ".


Pierre Georges Latécoère

Why a Museum in Biscarrosse ?

In the early 80's, Biscarrosse sees, again, some seaplanes flying in its sky and land on its lake. On Marie-Paule VIE-KLAZE's initiative, a committee is formed in order to commemorate the Latécoère fiftieth anniversary in Biscarrosse.

Many ex workers of the Latécoère base provide the components of an important exhibition gathered in an old hangar.

The loans for an exhibition turn into donations for a museum in creation. Thanks to Roger DUCOM, the mayor of Biscarrosse, the first parts of the Seaplane Museum are inaugurated in 1982. Miss VIE-KLAZE ensures the development while, at the same time, is created an Association : The Seaplane Museum Friends Association.


Today, the Seaplane Museum of Biscarrosse is a municipal museum with the label "Museum of France". Unique in Europe, and located on the mythic place of the old base, the Museum tells you this story and the one of the seaplane aviation. It invites you for a travel between the sky and the water.


Musée de l'Hydraviation

332, avenue Louis Breguet

40600 BISCARROSSE, France

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